The Buildtech® Difference

At BUILDTECH® INDIA, an ISO certified company, we are committed to providing an appropriate programme to repair, restore and renovate buildings and structures for structural integrity, long service life, high functionality and aesthetic values along with allied services to the total satisfaction of our customers. We shall strive to continually improve upon by adopting field-proven technologies and strategies.

The road to perfection, in any field, is blocked by one door, Quality Control. At BUILDTECH® INDIA this concept receives more than mere lip service. The quality of materials, workmanship, finishing, and/or any assignment completed by BUILDTECH® INDIA is surpassed by none.

In fact, quality consciousness is a discipline that has permeated the entire organization and a firm attention to detail characterizes every operation. Consistency is maintained through the entire process; from planning to raw material procurement and up to final execution. We go to great lengths to ensure the quality of raw material.

Our supervisory staff undergoes vigorous training and knows how to inspire the highest standards of productivity from the workers. We have a separate specialized senior engineer who looks after quantitative & quality checks on each site. As a final step, BUILDTECH® INDIA maintains detailed photography documentation of every stage of work in progress. This presents clear evidence and a reassurance to clients that they are being given the finest and most honest kind of job possible.

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American Concrete Institute

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What our clients say

The work access required for these two buildings needed elaborate provisions and the same were developed to our satisfaction. The work was completed within the stipulated time frame of 18 months. We are impressed by Mr. Naozer Baldawala’s willing cooperation and preparations in aligning the desired quality with planning. He is hardworking, painstaking and skillful in ensuring quality standards and achieving timely completion of the work.

R.N. Raikar Chairman & Managing Director Structwel Designers & Consultants Pvt. Ltd., Structural Advisors for Lands End Co.op. Hsg. Soc. Ltd.

We appreciate how the works of waterproofing, structural repairs, plastering, coating and painting at Harbour Heights -B, Colaba (Ground +15 storied building) was done in a systematic and organized manner using the best quality materials & commendable workmanship. A professional & cooperative who believes in the timely completion of the project. We highly recommend them for major repairs and restoration of high-rise buildings. Chagas Pereira Hon. Secretary, Harbour Heights -B CHS LTD. Mumbai

In spite of another society ( Ground + two-floor Structure) to the East side being joined to Ratan (Ground + 15 Floors RCC frame structure), Pochkhanwala Road, Worli (W), Mumbai, the works were carried out by M/s. BUILDTECH® INDIA without any disturbance to the adjoining Society and to our complete satisfaction. We truly appreciate efforts put in by Mr. Naozer B. Baldawala and his team to complete the above project successfully in the stipulated period of time

S.B. Ginwalla Structural Consultant (appointed by the Society), Mumbai

Major Structural repairs and Renovations works for VSNL, Staff Quarters were completed within the stipulated time frame of five months. The repairs were carried out in Member occupied premises and needed response understanding of human relationship which was satisfactorily maintained. We recommend their services for major structural repairs, renovations, restoration and allied works for multi-storeyed buildings and structures.

Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited Mumbai, India

The team members were found to be very amenable to the requirements of the Society and extended their co-operation to the needs of the Members. We found the works carried out by M/s. BUILDTECH® INDIA to be of the highest standard and workmanship.

Mr. Pavis Faramaizi Maker Tower ‘L’ Co-op Housing Society Ltd

They have an impressive track record of executing quality work in a time board work schedule. Be it patchwork replacement of damaged plaster on external sides or constructions of Concrete Paving or provision of under-ground Storm Water Drainage System, including extremely intricate work, they know what they are doing.

S.V. Nayak Project Consultant

The works were carried out in Member occupied premises (Ground + 33 Structure) and were carried out to our satisfaction. Their Engineers and Staff were also very co-operative and technically oriented.

Kshitij The Nepeansea Road Parag Prem Premises Co-operative Society Ltd.

We are grateful to BUILDTECH® INDIA for the repairs being carried out in member occupied premises which needed timely completion and satisfaction of individual members which both maintained satisfactorily.

Nari Mulchandani Hon. Secretary, Anita Co-operative Housing Society Ltd.

We are extremely satisfied with their quality and workmanship and especially their interaction with Society Members to timely finish the job entrusted to them, to the complete satisfaction of all concerned stakeholders.

Banganga Anurag Co-operative Housing Society Ltd

They work in a professional manner! We highly recommend them for multi-storeyed buildings restoration!

Hon. Secretary Little Gibbs CHS LTD

The works carried out were carried out very honestly, sincerely and professionally with technical expertise. In spite of some financial problems at the society’s end, the project was completed within the expected time period.

Colaba Co-operative Housing Society LTD

The society is satisfied with the quality of civil works implemented by BUILDTECH® INDIA, as also the professional manner in which they have always conducted these repairs. On future occasions, the Society will have no hesitation in inviting their work for similar work.


We are extremely satisfied with their work, which they carried out despite numerous problems, which were froth with due to old structure of our buildings. They carried out the job with proper planning and were extremely co-operative with the Members . They also maintained the agreed time schedule generally.

Bharat Suchak Chairman (Repair Sub- Committee), Blue Haven CHS Ltd.

Both our residential and commercial along with ground floor shops were completed timely with least inconvenience. We wish them success in the future.

Dharam Palace CHS LTD

We were pleased that the entire team was ably led by their Proprietor in a thoroughly Professional, technically knowledgeable and very co-operative, and also that the works were completed in the stipulated time frame within estimated cost this renovated buildings is now a landmark and is viewed as premium property in Churchgate area. A discipline of regular weekly, meetings, cost control and project monitoring was implemented throughout all stages. Anyone retaining BUILDTECH® INDIA for major restoration and renovation works would certainly be pleased with the results!

V.E. Mascarenhas Hon.Secretary – Thakur Niwas Co-op. Hsg.Soc.Ltd.