Why Choose Us


1. Innovation & Technology

We are the only company that actively seeks and adopts the latest international techniques and developments if necessary, to suit local conditions and infrastructure. Undertaking extensive time and motion studies, BUILDTECH® INDIA breaks down each assignment into measurable units of time, skills required, standards to be maintained, safety measures etc. Based on this detailed study, an assessment of the end result is made and assurances given. BUILDTECH® INDIA is well equipped with its own steel and bamboo scaffolding systems, pulleys, mechanical hoists, sieving and sand washing units, concrete and plaster mixers, power washer, transport facilities, and various other miscellaneous tools and tackles. All equipment and machinery are state-of-the-art and have been specially designed and developed by us for the various projects we undertake.


2. Our Fundamentals – Our Strength

Teamwork & Dedication

We cultivate teamwork and encourage employee participation to ensure a culture of continuous improvement. A team that works with unwavering focus and dedication to accomplish each task at hand is at your service when you deal with BUILDTECH® INDIA.

Professionalism & Integrity

We abide by the project timelines as specified in the initial meetings while never compromising on our integrity. We stand true to our ethics.

Continuous Improvement

We believe that unmatched quality and continuous improvement is a way of life. This kaizen philosophy is adopted at all our sites and offices in the day-to-day functioning.

3. Meeting Global Standards

Quality Standards

We strive to deliver and maintain the highest standards of quality in , the work we do as well as the services we provide so as to achieve maximum possible customer satisfaction in every project, irrespective of its scope, on a lasting basis

Health, Safety, and Environment Standards

We abide by the international guidelines of Health, Safety and Environment. Our policies and practices regarding these, like our service and expertise, are unmatched in the industry. We do not compromise in any way the safety and health of our team, our clients’ team or the environment.

4. One-Stop Solution

We are well-established across India with the headquarters in Mumbai and as a progressive engineering company with expertise in several interconnected areas. BUILDTECH® INDIA offers a one-stop solution to customers for various structural requirements.

5. We got your back!

Engineering expertise and practical know-how are essential to effective corrosion protection and building maintenance systems. We deliver repair solutions to combat several environmental damaging systems by providing optimum solutions for the most complex engineering and repair challenges, making concrete structures stronger and safer. “Hence, we stand behind our systems.”