Safety of employees is perhaps one of the key defining factors of a healthy working environment. This fact is even more relevant when it comes to the infrastructure industry. With tough working conditions, it is important to have clear and comprehensive safety guidelines.
We at BUILDTECH® INDIA strive to make our working environment safe and healthy for our team and our client’s team. We work tirelessly on our processes and material used while performing constant evaluation for our operations to be current with safety standards around the globe.
Mentioned below are a few of the steps we take to ensure the safety of our work environment.

  1. Awareness: A worker unaware of safety regulations is risk not only to himself but for the work environment as well. Awareness campaigns designed to educate the workers of steps they have to take to ensure personal safety forms an important part of our safety plan.
  2. Training: Lot of the skills required for labour is learnt on the job itself, however safety is a sector where they need to be trained before they go on site. At BUILDTECH® INDIA, our engineers as well as our supervisory staff are trained thoroughly to both motivate labour as well as monitor them following safety guidelines and procedures.
  3. Communication: Clear lines of communication are imperative while designing a safety system of an organization. This enables the management to understand the risks and issues faced by the working staff in their day to day operations. Keeping this in mind, our staff are trained to observe and monitor the work environment and interact closely with the labour to better understand their needs and worries.
  4. Documentation: All our projects are meticulously documented including photographic documentation so that identification on points of improvement become easier and more efficient.
  5. Proper Equipment: Technology has advanced by leaps and bounds around the globe making the infrastructure industry safer and healthier. BUILDTECH® INDIA prides itself in actively keeping up with these advances and adopting them in our own operations as and when needed.

Following the above steps diligently, BUIDLTECH® INDIA has an exemplary safety record. However, we constantly strive to make our work environment safer and more sustainable. This is what makes BUILDTECH® INDIA stand apart.