Buildings deteriorate over a period of time, be it aesthetic or structural damage. These faults over time can be attributed to high atmospheric moisture content, natural disasters, changing weather conditions, or plumbing leaks etc. If this deterioration is not checked and reversed in time it can lead to minor faults becoming catastrophic structural failures. Restoration of a structure can be defined as the restitution of the strength the building had before any damage occurred. The restorative process can be as simple as just applying a layer of paint to as complicated as changing the entire internal structure. We at BUILDTECH® India offer a range of solutions to ensure the complete restoration, renovation, and rehabilitation of your structures. These restorative processes are designed to increase the longevity and health of the structures and avoid any further corrective measures needed for the substantial period of time.

We also aim to make the restoration process as stress-free and hassle-free for the client as possible. To achieve this, we follow a sequential process as described below:

  1. Every project is unique in its own capacity. Our engineers are here to provide a detailed report of the structure and estimates with regards to it
  2. Post the inspection, our team will chalk out an effective and efficient action plan to carry out the restorative process
  3. The client and BUILDTECH India will then collaborate to choose on the different services, products and finishing offered by our various brand partners
  4. After these preliminary steps, BUILDTECH® India starts with the reconstruction, repairs or restoration project
  5. Punctuality is very important to us. Hence, we ensure that the project gets completed and handed over to the client is the stipulated period of time.

This is an industry that operates on trust, reliability and integrity. These qualities are the core of our
business and form the building blocks of every project we undertake.